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  • Adhesive Vinyl (4 mil) - The durable adhesive will stick to most flat, clean surfaces. Adhesive vinyl signs will work for indoor and short-term outdoor applications, and in moderate temperatures. Matte lamination can be easily written on with pen or pencil. Glossy Lamination (Which most of our products are) offers exceptional longevity as well as durability. Adhesive Vinyl is an excellent economical choice for any self-stick application.
  • Adhesive Paper - Paper labels are economical for short-term, temporary, and dry indoor applications. Permanent adhesive with peel-off liner. Recommended for limited use. Matte top surface can be easily written on with pen or pencil.
  • Aluminum (.040” - .080”) - Aluminum provides the strength of metal, yet never rust. Aluminum withstands wash-downs, harsh elements, abusive conditions, and features good chemical, abrasion, and impact resistance. Aluminum is excellent for indoor and outdoor usage, making it ideal for a wide variety of industrial strength applications. Furnished with rounded corners and four mounting holes.
  • Plastic (.040” - .055”) - Semi-flexible, impact-resistant plastic signs are ideal for standard-duty use -- for installation indoors and for protected, short-term outdoor applications. Get the look, feel and characteristics of non-recycled plastic signs in an environmentally friendly version. Furnished with rounded corners and four mounting holes. Plastic is the most economical choice for a rigid sign.

  • RV-Plastic - 15-mil rigid plastic material. High-strength plastic tags are water-resistant - to withstand weather conditions. The rigid plastic is flexible, yet will not readily break down over a wide temperature range. Good for indoors and outdoors use. Writable surface is abrasion resistant.

Proper Care

Our labels will retain their performance and properties for one (1) year from the date of original purchase if stored under proper conditions. Labels should be stored at a temperature between 68-73°F with 50% RH (relative humidity). Labels are supplied in polyethylene bags and should always be stored inside the bags until time of use. For maximum bond strength, the applied surface must be clean and dry (free of dust, debris or oils) and at room temperature.