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Safety Products

HCL Labels, Inc offers a selection of products that can be paired with your new HCL labels. These products range from wall mount sign holders and SDS binders to informational training charts that can be used as visual aids in your company's in-house training seminars.

Miscellaneous Safety Products Safety Tags Safety And Barricade Tapes

Miscellaneous Safety Products

HCL Labels, Inc has a variety of products that can be paired with your HCL labels. This includes GHS wash and spray bottles, a right-to-understand aluminum center which can store all of your GHS training booklets and materials, as well as gloves, SDS storage binders, and wall mount sign holders. Look here for accessories for your HCL labels!

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Safety Tags

HCL's Safety tags are designed to comply with OSHA standards (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.145). According to the ANSI Z535.5 3.9 standard, tags are used to communicate hazards created by temporary situations such as electrical maintenance, shipment, setup, service, or repair. Communicate workplace safety and stay in compliance with the proper safety tag.

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Safety And Barricade Tapes

HCL offers multiple types of barricade tape to fit your needs. With various verbiage, colors, sizes and lengths, there is bound to be exactly what you are looking for. HCL Labels, Inc also carries floor marking tape and barricade tape dispensers.

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Safety Software Training Materials

Safety Software

Safety Sign Program's library of more than 3,400 signs, labels and tags covers a wide range of safety situations. This software allows for easy customization, editing, and meets regulatory compliance standards.

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Training Materials

HCL offers a selection of training materials that can help employers easily inform their employees of new regulations and changes. Our informative training charts are the perfect visual aide to handout at employee training sessions. From OSHA/GHS compliance reference material to DOT hazardous material information. These charts are the perfect aid for your all-important compliance training needs.

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