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Workplace Safety Signs and Symbols

Protect your workforce and stay compliant with HCL's selection of workplace safety signs and symbols. Available in various sizes, formats, and materials, we're sure to have the labels and signs you need. Compliant with OSHA HazCom 29 CFR Part 1200, Construction Part 1926, General Industry Part 1910, Maritime Parts 1915, 1917 and 1918, and Agriculture Part 1928. Shop HCL's selection of workplace safety signs, labels, tags, decals, and stickers. Our selection includes braille workplace safety signs, bilingual signs, facility-related safety signs, general safety signs, NFPA signs, ANSI signs, and more.

If you need personalized workplace safety signs and symbols, please send custom requests to hclco@hclco.com

ADA Braille Signs ANSI Hazard Identification Signs And Labels Bilingual Signs and Labels

ADA Braille Signs

Here at HCL Labels, we take ADA compliant signs seriously. Use these easy-to-read braille signs and adhere to the California Title 24 ADA Restroom Door Sign regulations. Our signs can be used to effectively inform patrons that they are entering handicap equipped facilities. The ADA is a US Labor law that protects persons with disabilities and prohibits unjustified discrimination against them. According to California law, businesses are required to provide handicap accessible restrooms for all visitors and employees.

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Workplace Safety Signs and Symbols

Protect your employees and increase job site safety by properly displaying the correct ANSI safety signs and labels in their appropriate areas. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) signs and labels are compliant with ANSI Z535 Standard for Safety Signs and Labels, and other occupational health and safety requirements. We provide ANSI safety signs to a wide range of businesses—choose from caution, danger, notice, warning, and other safety signs in a variety of colors and materials. Stay compliant with federal and state requirements with workplace ANSI safety signs and help keep your employees safe!

Contact us today if you have any questions or need a custom order. Call 408-738-4161 or email hclco@hclco.com

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Bilingual Signs and Labels

In this category, HCL offers a wide variety of bilingual signs and labels that are OSHA hazcom 1910.1200 compliant. The signs and labels communicate hazards in a variety of languages. In addition to English, the hazards are communicated in Spanish, French, Japanese, and many more. These signs accurately inform the workplace of hazards in multiple languages.

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Cabinet Signs and Labels Electrical Signs, Labels And Tags Facility Safety Signs And Labels

Cabinet Signs and Labels

HCL Labels carries a variety of cabinet signs and labels that will fit any of your needs. Ensure your laboratory cabinets are always properly marked with the labels accurately representing the hazards within.

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Electrical Signs, Labels And Tags

In this category, HCL offers an extensive inventory of electrical signs, labels, and safety tags. Compliant with OSHA electrical safety standards 1910.307, 1910.332, 1910.333, 1910.334, 1910.335, and hazcom standard 1910.1200, these electrical safety signs, labels, and tags will be sure to inform your workplace of electrical hazards.

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Facility Safety Signs And Labels

In this category, HCL offers a wide variety of facility and warehouse safety signs and labels. These labels are compliant with OSHA hazard communication standard 1910.1200. This category includes labels for specific uses such as asbestos hazcom labels, confined space signs, containment storage labels, floor signs, and pipe markers. Inform your workforce and make sure that your facility is hazcom compliant and properly labeled!

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Hazardous Materials Signs And Labels General Safety Signs And Labels GHS Spray Bottles

Hazardous Materials Signs And Labels

HCL Labels, Inc offers hundreds of different hazard communication labels in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Biohazard warning labels all the way to more specific invisible radiation laser labels. Compliant with a OSHA hazcom standards 29 CFR, our extensive library of hazardous material signs and labels will be sure to fit your needs. Our friendly staff are happy to assist you in identifying labels that you may need. Give us a call at 408-738-4161 or email us at hclco@hclco.com.

If we currently do not have the specific label you are looking for in our inventory, we can create it for you!

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General Safety Signs And Labels

HCL's general safety section is home to a wide variety of health hazard warning labels, accident prevention tags, personal protection labels, and general safety signs and labels. In this section you will find labels and signs specific to assuring the health and safety of your employees.

Need a caution label for a wet floor or a warning label for employees to wear eye and ear protection? This is the section for you!

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GHS Spray Bottles

Use HCL's GHS compliant pre-labeled spray bottles to store your laboratory chemicals and cleaning agents. We offer empty spray bottles in different sizes. Our spray bottles arrive with a solvent resistant label already attached. We're proud to offer custom labels if your desired chemical isn't listed - and there is no additional charge!

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Hood Safety And Ventilation Infection Control Lab Safety Signs And Labels

Hood Safety And Ventilation Labels

In this category, HCL offers a variety of stock and custom fume hood safety and ventilation labels that are compliant with OSHA hazcom standard 1910.1200, as well as OSHA ventilation standard 1910.94. Properly labeling your fume hood is an important task to keep your lab safe and efficient, and help you avoid compliance fines. If you have a custom request, send it over to hclco@hclco.com

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Infection Control Signs And Labels

HCL offers many different infection control labels in a variety of sizes, materials, and quantities.
Protect your facilities and occupants against viral contamination.

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Laboratory Safety Signs And Labels

In this category, HCL offers all the necessary laboratory safety signs and labels to outfit your lab. HCL lab safety signs and labels are compliant with OSHA hazcom standard 1910.1200 and lab safety regulation 1910.1450 that protects and informs of chemical hazards. HCL's laboratory safety signs and labels come in a variety of sizes and materials. From general lab safety to eye and ear protection labels, HCL has a large library of compliant lab safety labels.

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Miscellaneous Signs And Labels NFPA Signs And Labels Prop 65 Signs And Labels

Miscellaneous Signs And Labels

Keep your facility safe and compliant by using HCL's labels. We carry a variety of specialized labels including Prop 65 signs and labels, electrostatic sensitive device labels, ISO safety labels, recycling labels and standard house keeping signs and labels. Browse our selection of labels or search for a specific label in the search bar on the top left of this page.

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NFPA Signs and Labels

Ensure your buildings, doors, tanks, and any other hazardous material storage are properly labeled for emergency response personnel by using HCL's NFPA signs and labels. These NFPA signs and labels are compliant with the NFPA 704 rating system and come in a variety of materials based on your specific needs. We carry a variety of ready-made NFPA kits that come with all of the necessary numbers and letters for a quick and easy installation.

HCL Labels, Inc also offers customized NFPA placards that will have all of your chemical information pre-printed on your chosen material (adhesive vinyl, heavy-duty plastic, or aluminum). Contact us today to learn more.

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Prop 65 Warning Signs and Labels

Proposition 65 is officially known as the Safe Drinking and Toxic Enforcement Act. It is a California law passed in 1986 that requires businesses to provide a warning notice to citizens if significant amounts of certain chemicals are present in the products they purchase, are found in a public facility or place of employment. Though not right for every business or product, Prop 65 signs and labels can help your businesses remain compliant with Proposition 65.

Prop 65 is a "right to know" law, and it intends to keep Californians updated on the chemicals they may be exposed to. HCL Labels contacted the OEHAA (Prop 65 Office) and we were directed not to give any advice on whether a Prop 65 sign is correct for a particular location or application. You must make the decision on sign necessity based on your knowledge of your business, the types of chemicals that are present and the approach you take to comply with the new Prop 65 regulations. You can visit the Prop 65 businesses info page, or call the Prop 65 Office at 916-445-6900 with questions.

If the sign or label you need is not listed, we can create one for your industry. Please click the below button to view the 2018 Prop 65 Chemical List. Contact us today if you need Proposition 65 signs and labels.

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Seismic Labels Safety Products

Seismic Labels

Keep your facility safe and compliant by using HCL's seismic anchor labels. These high quality adhesive vinyl labels are durable and made to last. Browse our selection of labels or search for a specific label in the search bar on the top left of this page.

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Safety Products

HCL Labels, Inc offers a selection of products that can be paired with your new HCL labels. These products range from wall mount sign holders and SDS binders to informational training charts that can be used as visual aids in your company's in-house training seminars.

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