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Satellite Accumulation Area Labels and Signs

Satellite accumulation area labels improve workplace safety and help ensure compliance with state, federal, and local requirements. Satellite accumulation areas must always be under the control of the worker or secured. A business needs to make use of satellite accumulation labels and signs to properly demarcate the accumulation area in the workplace. In this satellite accumulation area, containers must remain closed, except when adding waste. All waste containers must be labeled with a satellite accumulation label. A maximum of 55 gallons of non-acute hazardous waste, or one quart of liquid acute hazardous waste, or one kilo of solid hazardous waste, is permitted at each SAA. When maximum volumes are reached, generators have three consecutive calendar days to remove container(s) from the SAA to a designated storage or central accumulation area (CAA). For details refer to 40 CFR 262.15 – Satellite accumulation area for small and large quantity generators.

Use HCL's satellite accumulation area labels and signs to mark areas where waste is accumulated. HCL's labels make compliance easy, label your SAA containers today!

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