Safety and Social Responsibility:

HCL LABELS, INC. (HCL) is committed to providing a safe workplace. HCL strives to conduct all its operations in a safe manner and in full compliance with local, state and federal safety requirements.

HCL expects suppliers to be compliant with local minimum age employment regulations. Additionally any employment practice or condition deemed unsafe or hazardous is forbidden. Suppliers are expected to conduct business in a manner that supports and respects human rights and the dignity of all their employees.

Environmental Performance Improvement:

HCL continuously monitors its operations to ensure efficient use of available natural resources. In order to minimize our environmental footprint, reuse and recycling, as well as prevention of emissions to air, soil and water, are an integral part of our operations.

Right to Audit:

HCL reserves the right to audit suppliers on any or all elements of this Safety, Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy

HCL Reserves the right to terminate a supplier business relationship if it is determined that the supplier is in violation of this policy.